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On these pages, you will learn about a dynamic, fun, and accomplished group. We hope you will also discover what a passionate organization we are. While passion isn’t a trait you often associate with a CPA firm, the people who are Accounting and Consulting Group, LLP feel passionate about some important things: We care very much about our clients and their success; we care about our communities; and we care about each other.

Clients see our passion in how we provide them real service rather than lip service, our upbeat and solutions-oriented attitude, and our decades of technical expertise. Accounting and Consulting Group, LLP’s clients know that, like them, we understand success is driven by innovative thinking and entrepreneurship. Our efforts with clients have built strong bonds; many of our clients have been with us for 25 or 30 years. We are as loyal to them as they are to us; even after all these years, we still work every day to earn their trust and respect.

Accounting and Consulting Group team members are passionate about working here because, while we are skilled, experienced and ambitious professionals, our environment remains flexible, friendly, and fun. We don’t believe all people are alike, or that they should be. So whether your attitude and style are formal or casual, as long as you are passionate about good work and great client service, you will find your comfort zone with us.

Enjoy our site, and if you have any questions or comments you are welcome to contact me by phone at 800.705.9500 or by email at rroberts@acgnm.com. I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Ray Roberts
Managing Partner



The Alimony Gap
Article Highlights: Alimony is deductible to the payer.  Alimony is income for the recipient.  The IRS matches alimony deductions and income by SSN.  Alimony is often confused with child support payments.  Audits can lead to filing penalties.  Individuals who pay alimony can deduct the amount paid from income on their tax return to reduce the [...]
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Scammers Getting More Brazen
Article Highlights: Taxpayers Receiving Bogus Call from Individuals Claiming To Be IRS Agents.  Guidelines to Avoid Being a Victim of a Scam or ID Theft.  Limit Accounts to Avoid ID Theft Exposure.  We have previously cautioned you not to be duped by Internet and mail scams dreamed up by some pretty enterprising thieves. Most of [...]
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Have You Reviewed Your Will or Trust Lately?
Your will or trust was prepared so that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes after your death. These documents can also reduce estate taxes. However, certain events can cause these documents to become outdated and create family stress and unpleasant tax results. Revised tax laws and life’s ever-changing circumstances make estate planning [...]
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The Earned Income Tax Credit: the IRS’s Nemesis
Article Highlights: EITC Fraud and Excess Claims  IRS Programs to Detect Fraud and Excess Claims  EITC Qualifications  Special Military Combat Pay Election  Years ago, Congress created the earned income tax credit (EITC) as a refundable tax credit for people who work but have lower incomes. This credit has been a nemesis for the IRS to [...]
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