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On these pages, you will learn about a dynamic, fun, and accomplished group. We hope you will also discover what a passionate organization we are. While passion isn’t a trait you often associate with a CPA firm, the people who are Accounting and Consulting Group, LLP feel passionate about some important things: We care very much about our clients and their success; we care about our communities; and we care about each other.

Clients see our passion in how we provide them real service rather than lip service, our upbeat and solutions-oriented attitude, and our decades of technical expertise. Accounting and Consulting Group, LLP’s clients know that, like them, we understand success is driven by innovative thinking and entrepreneurship. Our efforts with clients have built strong bonds; many of our clients have been with us for 25 or 30 years. We are as loyal to them as they are to us; even after all these years, we still work every day to earn their trust and respect.

Accounting and Consulting Group team members are passionate about working here because, while we are skilled, experienced and ambitious professionals, our environment remains flexible, friendly, and fun. We don’t believe all people are alike, or that they should be. So whether your attitude and style are formal or casual, as long as you are passionate about good work and great client service, you will find your comfort zone with us.

Enjoy our site, and if you have any questions or comments you are welcome to contact me by phone at 800.705.9500 or by email at rroberts@acgnm.com. I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Ray Roberts
Managing Partner



Hiring Family Members in a Family Business
Article Summary: Employing Your Child  Employing Your Spouse  Employer Tax Savings  IRA and Retirement Plan Considerations  In today’s tough job market, students seeking part-time employment, young adults looking for full-time employment, and college graduates looking to begin their careers are finding it difficult to land a job. The family business may be the only place [...]
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Home Modifications for Disabilities
Article Highlights Improvements that increase the home value  Improvement that do not increase the home value  Medical AGI limitations  Generally, home improvements are not deductible except to offset home gain when the home is sold. But a medical expense deduction may be claimed when the home modification is a medical necessity. The modification expense is [...]
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Can You Take a Home Office Deduction?
Article Highlights: Home Office Deduction  For Self-Employed Individuals  Employee Home Office Issues Safe Harbor Home Office Deduction  If you run your small business out of your home, you may want to “write off” many of your household expenses. But how do you know what is deductible and what is not? Generally, expenses related to the [...]
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Vacation Home Rentals: How the Income Is Taxed
Article Highlights: Home never rented  Home rented less than 15 days  Personal use less than the greater of 15 days or 10% of the rental days  Personal use exceeds the greater of 14 days or 10% of the rental days • Selling a vacation home  If you have a second home in a resort area, [...]
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